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10g Gelato D10 Flower


Hemp Flower Small Buds aka “smalls” Terpy are a customer favorite due to their affordable price point and ease to consume, whether you are grinding or rolling up the small dime sized buds.  Available in our two highly potent Delta 10 THC infused strains; Gelato (hybrid) and Citron (sativa).  Similar to our Delta 8 THC process, we follow all GMPs for Delta 10 THC production, infusion, storage and shipping.  Once the hemp flower has been prepped, our apply several light coats of amber Delta 10 THC distillate to all surfaces of the hemp flower.  We use no chemicals or additives to thin the oil.  We achieve workability with the thick oil by following a “low and slow” heating process then apply the D10 with a high-pressure commercial spray gun.

Product Information:
Type:  CBD Hemp Flower small buds sprayed with CBD/Δ10 oil and dusted with kief.
Quantity: 10 grams

Gelato CBD Flower Strain Information:
Type:  Hybrid
Aroma:  Dank, Musky, Earthy
Feeling:  Chill, calm

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