Charcoal Face Mask FM


We’ve combined CBD with a host of facial skin-friendly ingredients to create a CBD Face Mask! In addition to a potent amount of CBD, our CBD Face Masks also use other active ingredients to make it one of the best CBD face products you can buy.

Our CBD infused Face Masks take effect in only 10 minutes. From the moment you adhere your mask to your face, the active ingredients will start absorbing into you skin. The water-based CBD uses the power of transdermal absorption to penetrate multiple skin layers and deliver CBD and other active ingredients deep into your facial tissue.

Our CBD Charcoal Face Mask is a fast-acting mask that reduces impurities, brightens, and invigorates normal to oily skin. This revolutionary face mask combines 50mg of high-quality CBD with activated charcoal to clear pores and flush out environmental particles, dirt, and debris that can cause skin to look dull. A single 10 minute session with this face mask will leave you feeling refreshed!

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