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Tired of your disposable dying before you’ve finished your distillate? Say goodbye to the hardware of the past and welcome the all-new Rift Delta 8 Rechargeable Disposable.

This new Delta 8 vape disposable, featuring Rift’s award-winning Delta 8, allows users to always stay charged up for any situation. Conveniently enjoy your Delta 8 on the go or while relaxing at home with the Rift Delta 8 disposable pen.

The Rift Delta 8 pen comes in a variety of terpene profiles so you can find your favorite.

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Black Berry Kush Hybrid, Blue Skittles Indica, Cherry Sherbert Indica, Grape Goji OG Sativa, Hawaiian Haze Hybrid, Maui Wowie Sativa, Strawberry Cough Sativa, Watermelon Zkittlez Indica, White Fire OG Hybrid


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